10 Practical Possibilities Workshop: Support Student Growth in Caring Classroom Communities

10 Practical Possibilities for Inclusion Teachers

1. Greet your students individually when they arrive.
2. Arrive at school rested and recharged.
3. Find one activity where you can add choice(s).
4. Re-imagine options for students in your space.
5. Suggest 1 adaptation that could be offered to everyone.
6. Add a visual support where one was missing.
7. Add a break to a student’s schedule.
8. Identify what motivates one student today.
9. Design a new universal regulation activity.
10. Design a new inclusive mindfulness experience.

How to Begin

  1. Find out when Jan and Julie are doing their next workshop: “10 Possibilities”
  2. Set an implementation intention (We’ve given you 10 “Monday Ideas” above to choose from!)
  3. Choose only one (at a time)!
  4. Don’t give up – it takes time.
  5. Practice self-care to stay regulated yourself.
  6. Celebrate your successes – even the little ones!

*More Practical Possibilities workshop goodies here.

How to Keep Going

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