Jan Palmer and Julie Principe write books on Self-regulation via Zoom.

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Okay, so it’s been two years, and WHERE is the unit we were writing?

Well, we have been working together over Zoom this whole time. Jan from her cottage in Saskatchewan or her home in Calgary, and Julie from her home in North Vancouver.

It turns out that we can’t resist doing workshops for teachers. We love you guys! So we have spent a lot of time preparing slides and researching, researching, researching to make sure that our content is evidence-based. In the last two years, we have presented 13 workshops in Alberta and BC, and Julie presented at the CHADD Conference (on ADHD ) In Baltimore.

We decided to make the student books first and the lessons after. Originally we were thinking 16 books to cover 4 topics. As we dug into the topic and realized we really needed to break it down for young children, the number of titles grew. We will have a series of about 21 student books – we are on book 13. We have also spent a year catching up on the latest neuroscience and its implications for self-regulation and our educational practices in general. Which gave us a brilliant idea….

Why not publish a book for parents on how to support their teenager’s self-regulation? And then we thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a teen workbook to go along with it?”


The book for parents will come out first, then the teen workbook, then the student books, and finally, the unit plan. Unless another shiny idea comes along…

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