June 2022 News

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Who We Are

Jan Palmer MEd BCBA

Jan completed her Masters of Education in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism and Positive Behaviour Supports. She is one of a handful of certified and experienced teachers who are also Board Certified Behaviour Analysts.

Julie Principe

Julie completed her Bachelors of Education as well as a Diploma in English Language Learning and a Special Education Diploma, “Differentiating For Diversity”.

Together we have knowledge and experience working with all learners. We have many years experience in the classroom and as District Behaviour and Inclusion Teacher Consultants sharing their expertise in SEL, teaching regulation, and setting up inclusive school environments by nurturing student choice and participation. Our realistic approach supports and empowers educators to create classroom communities where all learners feel safe, included and engaged.

What We Do

  • District Wide Professional
  • Development: Workshops & Series
  • School Team Development & Consultation
  • Support Staff Workshops

Upcoming Virtual Workshops

Power Up Your Classroom Mini-Series
Practical Possibilities Conferences and Workshops


Aug. 30, 31 & Sept. 1, 12-1pm

Each one hour session will provide you with practical ideas. Jan and Julie will share best practices that you can use when setting up your classroom that will help foster a caring and inclusive community. This workshop series will especially benefit teachers new to primary or new to teaching but of course, all educators are welcome.
Session 1: Setting Up the Physical Environment
Session 2: Setting Up Structures and Routines
Session 3: How the Core and Curricular Competencies Support Your Inclusive Classroom
These workshops will also help prepare you to use Topic One of a new program called “reConnect, reCharge and Regulate” written by the facilitators (and available free upon request) based on best practice and designed for the BC curriculum. Participants will be invited to join the Educator’s Community hosted by Jan and Julie.

This workshop will be presented at the B.C. Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association Conference, October 21, 2022, afternoon session (1:15-2:45pm)

Learning Assistance and Resource Teachers are the bridge that connect and provide continuity in the various settings which make up the classroom. This workshop will provide practical ways to collaborate with Classroom Teachers to support students by building inclusive communities which emphasize the importance of diversity, equity and regulation as anchors for learning. Participants will be introduced to a variety of strategies including:

  • Learning Spaces,
  • Classroom Norms and Agreements,
  • Executive Function Supports, and
  • Regulation Strategies

These can be used in and outside of the classroom to provide a foundation for a safe, caring environment where learners thrive.

Upcoming In-Person Workshops

Creating a Caring Community in a Primary Classroom

  This workshop will be presented at the B.C. Primary Teachers’ Association Conference, October 21, 2022, morning session

This workshop presents a framework for creating a classroom community which honours and supports all students by:

  1. creating common understandings through norms & a classroom agreement,
  2. introducing social justice, beginning with a guided exploration into the significance of names, and
  3. exploring equity through an examination of outside recess.

Participants will increase their understanding of these foundational elements of SEL in the primary classroom so they can start applying it on Monday morning. This workshop provides practical possibilities to begin a journey towards a truly inclusive community.
Participants will receive four lesson plans and supporting materials which are part of a new program called “reConnect, reCharge and Regulate” written by the facilitators, based on best practice and designed for the BC curriculum. These important lessons are the first part of this program which also covers mindfulness, regulation and sustaining an inclusive classroom.

Even caring classroom communities can experience challenging situations. This workshop presents an evidence-based approach that will help you understand how to “keep your cool” so you can help your students by:

  • delaying your initial reaction & reflecting on how you are feeling (What are your body and mind telling you?)
  • validating students’ feelings
  • reframing the situation
  • taking care of yourself so that you can focus on your students and hold a safe space for them

By thinking about your own triggers and stress reactions ahead of time, you will be able to plan for overload (theirs and yours), create a “power-down” routine and determine how to deal with the issue when everyone is calm. We will also discuss how colleagues can support each other.

September is such a busy month. Everything happens all at once!  Some things you can count on to be familiar, while others are new and different. This workshop will provide practical ideas for support staff who work with differently abled students. We will discuss efficient and timely ways  to:

  • Set up for yourself
  • Organize your student
  • Coordinate and collaborate
  • Set up support structures
  • Fine tune and adjust

We will cover the best methods of communication and collaboration to ensure that you are part of a team. Together you can focus on the excitement of a new school year.

Limited Opportunity Fall 2022

We are looking for a small number of grade one/two classrooms to pilot and receive our on-going support for Topics One and Two from our forth-coming book “reConnect, reCharge and Regulate”.

Topic One is “Community and Mindfulness”.

Topic Two is “Our Body Systems: Brains, Bodies, and Regulation”.

If you are interested,

please get in touch with us:

Email: practicalpossibilitiesconsulting.com


We’d love to talk with you about your school and student needs. We can present any of the workshops that you see in this brochure or we can create a   custom workshop tailored to your staff and students.

Empowering Educators … to create classroom communities where all learners feel safe, included and engaged.