Power Up Your Classroom: A Mini-Series


Powering Up Your Classroom – Sessions 1-3

Power Up Your Classroom - An online mini-series

Power Up Your Classroom: An Online Mini-Series

by Julie Principe and Jan Palmer

Each one hour session will provide you with practical ideas. We will share best practices that you can use when setting up your classroom that will help foster a caring and inclusive community. This workshop series will especially benefit teachers new to primary or new to teaching but of course, all educators are welcome.
Session 1: Setting Up the Physical Environment
Session 2: Setting Up Structures and Routines
Session 3: How the Core and Curricular Competencies Support Your Inclusive Classroom
These workshops will also help prepare you to use Topic One of a new program called “reConnect, reCharge and Regulate” written by the facilitators (and available free upon request) based on best practice and designed for the BC curriculum. Participants will be invited to join the Educator’s Community on Facebook hosted by Jan and Julie.


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Power Up Your Classroom: An Online Mini-Series

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022 12:00